provides direct access to a great selection of high quality local musicians, singers and local bands in the UK for people to hire. With more and more people preferring live entertainment in weddings and other functions, offers a quick access to popular wedding bands and solo singers to grace occasions with professional performances.

A platform to hire singers and performers directly means that one does not have to pay agency fees which often inflate the overall entertainment budget for functions. The site provides a reliable list of entertainers who are available for certain dates so that clients can book them in advance. The client can browse the entertainers, most of whom have video and music clips to help them properly identify and book their right choices.

Different bands and solo singers cost differently depending on their popularity, the kind of performance and their track record. Featured performers include Entrouge band, Beats Working, drifter’s tribute, Mariah’s Music Box, Jass Meagher ad Lovely Leona among others. Clients can use to interact with different bands and know their terms and conditions, whether they can donate more hours or not. It provides a feature for people to filter entertainers by price, sex, brand or type of music.

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