is an online doggy magazine for dog owners focused on finding the best dog foods, testing dog grooming tools and technology, doing best dog product reviews, and informing pet parents of the most recent releases of dog-savvy product and awesome dog supplies from the pet industry.

Editors at Top Dog Tips do a thorough job with filming their reviews of dog products which range from finding the best dog crates and best dog steps, to ensuring proper dog nutrition through the use of the best dog treats, foods for dogs and other products for canines.

What you'll find on the site:

· Advice on dog grooming, holistic dog health, raw feeding and general dog care

· Extensive written and video reviews of dog products

· Well-researched and objective lists of best dog supplies

· Free giveaways of dog products and best deals on dog supplies

Best content from

1. Best Food for Dogs 101: The Buyers' Guide – very detailed guide on foods for dogs, how they are made, what's in them and how to choose the best dog food for your pet.

2. How to Slim Down an Overweight Dog – another extensive guide on canine diets, dog nutrition and what owners need to do to get their dog back in good shape.

3. Holistic Dog Health 101: The Ultimate Science-based Guide – a scientific look at holistic veterinary medicine and specifically holistic dog health, and how it can help dogs.

4. Best Dog Food Brand for Optimal Health – a thorough look and video review of top 10 dog foods, raw and regular foods, and which dog food brands are best for your dog's health.

5. Dog Breeds – the most extensive profiling of different dog breeds on the internet that includes all the information owners need to know about any specific breed of dog.