At Best Saw UK we review the most popular and latest releases in terms of the best saws currently available to buy online.

Chainsaws are divided into 3 different categories: Gas or Petrol Chainsaws are the most powerful ones and are usually used in heavy-duty jobs like forestry.

They are loud and heavy, therefore not a typical housewear tool.

Electric chainsaws are, as name suggests, powered by electricity and usually come with a 3 to 5m cable cord attached. You can always buy an extension cord and increase its mobility. Electric chainsaws are not suitable for those hard to get to bushes or trees as the cable can easily get tangled.

Cordless chainsaws or battery-powered chainsaws are ideal in terms of mobility. They are lightweight and quite easy to use and are usually powered by one or two lithium batteries. Not as powerful as petrol or electric chainsaws, but you can easily use them for pruning or cutting firewood logs, amongst others. Mitre Saws are the ideal woodworking ( or other materials ) tool for perfect, clean cuts. It’s basically a mounted, portable circular saw that is pulled down into whatever you’re cutting, making a crosscut. The best thing about it is the fact that you can make cuts at a large variety of angles. The leading and most popular brands in the industry are DeWalt and Makita.

Circular Saws are the typical hand-held tools used mostly for wood cutting. If you are not an enthusiastic DIY-er, then the circular saw might be perfect for you as it’s a lot easier to use. You can also use it against aluminium, steel, brick, etc. All you have to do is to change its blade accordingly. There are two types of circular saws available: cordless (battery-powered) and corded. 

The Table Saw is, basically, a circular saw mounted onto a metal surface. You then adjust the blade to increase the cut depth. These are one of the most dangerous piece of equipment we review on our website, therefore great cautious is needed when handling them. 

Plunge Saws are one of the most ‘technical’ saws available on the market as they are used for cuts that are in the interior of a piece of wood. They are, most of the time, used in conjunction with a ‘guide’ or ‘rail’. Hence the reason it is also known as a ‘track saw’ its cuts run along a ‘track’.  The top two brands that comes into everyone’s mind when talking about Plunge Saws are Makita and Festool. These are, by far, the best plunge saw manufacturers.

Beside the reviews, on the Best Saw UK website we plan to provide valuable tips on how to handle these tools properly. Plus, you can read about the safety equipment recommendations as, no matter what, safety always comes first!