Studio William is a UK based online cutlery store. It offers a collection of beautiful cutlery designs including restaurant items, tester menus, hotel cutlery and fine dining cutlery, available in both formal and casual sets. They produce innovative, high quality and long lasting brands including sets of Argan Arolla, Bodhi, Karri, Larch, Kumquat, Tilia, Royal Oak, Redwood, Mahogany and Mulberry.

All the brands are finely finished with designs and sizes that match international restaurant class. They also provide a list of cutlery accessories including cutlery silver-plates, cutlery mirrors, and satin for creative dining experiences. The company provides free shipping across the UK within 1-2 days.

Business address

Studio William Welch Ltd
Goose Hill,
United Kingdom

Contact details

Phone: +4401386800000
Fax: +4401789295282