Essenza Nobile, an online shop coming for Mannheim, Germany, offers costumers one of kind niche fragrances, make-up and skincare products, as well as unique accessories. Each product is imaged and has its own page, featuring a detailed description, a refined sales pitch.

The site gives a good vibe, greeting the visitor in his or hers native tongue, and displaying the minimum order amount needed in order to benefit from free shipping, by taking into consideration the visitor’s IP.

With a structure based on segments and subsegments, you can explore the shop by accessing their fragrances, skincare, make-up, home fragrances, accessories or gifts tabs. By scrolling down on the homepage, you can access other tabs, presenting their new products or you can open their “About Essenza Nobile” page in order to find out more about the store.

You can consult testimonials by going on their “Guestbook” page or you can leave your own review by making a new entry. Free samples are offered depending on your order and detailed payment methods are posted. The site encourages visitors to subscribe to their newsletter, often offering a subscription reward or a subscription prize winning contest.