For millions of people all over the world, the Harry Potter series became not just an obsession, but a gateway into the wonderful world of wizarding schools and magic. But they are not the only ones. From Doctor Who to Lord of the Rings, through fantasy films, books and television, millions of people all over the world are immersed in their favourite series. To an outsider, the thought of buying any kind of gift - be it a birthday, Christmas or anniversary present - for this type of super-fan is daunting.

With such complex worlds that are inhabited by hundreds of characters, even if you have seen the film or TV show, it can feel simply impossible to know where to start. Especially when there's a lot of in-crowd lingo and jokes to navigate or catch you off guard.

So, if you don't know your muggles from your squibs or your hobbits from your River Folk, fear not. Here are nine great gift suggestions that will delight even the most die-hard hobbits, whether it is their fifth birthday, eleventy first, or anywhere in between.

  1. Tour de Potter

Looking to immerse them in the world of wizardry? There really is only one place to go: Watford! Universal Studios in Florida is great, but that just won't cut it for the Potter superfan, as the Warner Brothers Studio Tour is the real deal.

On the studio site where the films were shot, they can stand where their heroes stood and see first hand the original props, sets and costumes that were used while filming. From Hagrid's hut to the Hogwart's Express, it is all there. You can even have your photo taken on the doorstep of 4 Privet Drive before sampling butterbeer – a dream come true for any wannabe Gryffindors.

  1. One ring to bind them

If you have a Lord of the Rings fan in your midst, there's one thing you can count on, they'll love it when they unwrap a replica of the one ring to rule them all . It may not turn them invisible when they put it on - and thankfully not reveal their location to the "Lidless Eye" - but they will be unable to stop smiling for hours.

They can either pay homage to the saga by wearing it on a chain, or make it the centrepiece of their not-so secret shrine to Gandalf, Gollum, and all things Tolkien.

  1. Anything from the trolley dear?

If it's only a stocking filler you're after, or perhaps your friend enjoys a prank, then Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans are an excellent choice. As one of the most popular sweets in the Diagon Alley, it is no surprise that these tasty treats have a wicked trick up their sleeve.

For every delicious tasting jelly bean, you run the risk of picking out a foul tasting one – a confectionary Russian roulette where a few terrible flavours, including ear wax and rotten egg, lurk in every pack. Eugh! Bertie Bott's Beans might be risky but they are great fun and are very popular with muggles and wizards alike.

  1. Dr. Snooze

As every Doctor Who fan knows, from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, time is a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff, which might explain why your Whovian finds it hard to get out of bed in the morning!

Have them looking forward to tucking up in bed even more than usual with Tardis themed bed sheets. No matter how old they are, they'll be dreaming of battling Daleks on Skaro every time they shut their eyes. Failing that, have a replica Tardis built in the back garden .

  1. Winter(fell) Wonderland

The television adaptation of Game of Thrones has been a sensation which has taken both fantasy lovers and the rest of the world by storm. While Westeros is fictional, the shooting locations are very much real, a rare feat for such a CGI-filled show.

This day-long tour of the shooting locations takes in some areas of stunning natural beauty and will be utterly fascinating, even for people who haven't seen the show.

Located just south of Belfast, fans will get the chance to walk in the footsteps of Jon Snow and see where the Stark children found their Direwolves in Tollymore Forest. They will then have the opportunity to admire the landscapes surrounding the castle used for the Twins, before standing in the courtyard of Winterfell.

  1. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

Maybe you're after something to addle the brains of your giftee more than the stupify curse ever could. If that's the case, invest in a magical take on the classic board game - Harry Potter Cluedo .

With a board decorated like the Marauder's Map, you play as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville, and uncover evidence to help you find your missing friend. Explore Hogwarts and beyond, use the trusty floo powder to help teleport between rooms and inch ever closer to solving your mystery. Is Draco Malfoy behind all this, or is it someone far more sinister playing behind the scenes? Best not say his name.

  1. Cure that Board-om

If you've got a super-fan who boasts about knowing everything to do with Game of Thrones, test their knowledge of the TV show's cast of characters with this fantasy version of the classic board game, Guess Who.

Perfect for a night in full of wine and suspicious glances across the room, this game will soon reveal if they know Catelyn from Cersei, Osha from Yara and Bran from Ned. As well as allowing them to show off, it will give you a chance to finally put a face to all of those names!

  1. House colours

If your muggle is getting cold feet while reading and rereading the Harry Potter series, give them something to warm up with. A pair of Gryffindor slippers should do the trick!

Most people will be happy with the Gryffindor lions keeping their feet warm, no matter which house the sorting hat would have placed them. But watch out; there are always some people who may prefer to slither-in to the more devious footsteps of another, less popular house.

  1. Fantasy marathon

It may seem obvious, but sometimes the answer is right in front of you. Getting the super-fan in your life a complete series of their favourite show to watch on their weekends off could be the perfect solution to your gift giving conundrum. Or, if they're an avid reader, the original books they're based on. Either way, they are sure to be impressed, as well as occupied for weeks and months ahead.

With so much high quality work going into fantasy films, television, and books, things have never been better for lovers of the genre. With numerous sequels, prequels and remakes always on the horizon, it seems the future is even brighter. As fantasy continues to dominate the mainstream, you never know, by this time next year, it could be you receiving gifts based around your new favorite television show!