Majority of online shoppers have used or are using Amazon for their online purchases. Surely, those people know its benefits and why it is one of the best online shopping sites out there. Moreover, with its subscription program, Amazon Prime, the retail magnate has hit the jackpot. There are millions of subscribers to the Prime, and with good reason. For only $99 per year, you get amazing benefits like free two-day or same-day shipping. However, these are not the only advantages.

It is well known that Amazon has expanded to video streaming and e-books, among other things. And many of them, if not all, are at your disposal if you subscribe for a whole year. For example, instead of paying for other streaming services, you could just use Amazon Video. Or, if you like reading, you could rent free e-books from the Kindle Store.

But, this is just the tip of the iceberg of the vast Amazon Prime perks. Read on to find out more about them and what each perk brings you.

Music streaming with Prime Music

Get a hold of a huge music library, filled with over one million songs, from some of the most famous musicians. You can stream with no ads interrupting the music, plus you can skip and replay the songs as you see fit. Even better, you can search for curated playlists that sooth your mood, or create one yourself, in case nothing suits you. And, as new music is published, the library is regularly updated.

Prime Music is free. There are no additional payments once you pay your yearly subscription to Amazon Prime. One of the best benefits is that you can listen to music anytime from anywhere. With the accompanying app, you can stream while on the go. Moreover, you can save your playlists for offline streaming, if you do not have internet access.

Movie and TV streaming with Prime Video

Just like you are able to listen to music through Amazon, you are also able to stream movies and TV shows. Your Prime subscription allows you to watch any content from the library, which includes some of the most popular movies and shows, as well as their original content. Moreover, you can video stream on several devices; on a laptop, tablet or your TV. Additionally, you can add subscriptions to outside channels like Showtime, AMC or Starz, among others. This would definitely make your video streaming experience better.

Rent books from the Kindle library

If you own a Kindle, you can rent an ebook every month of the year. It is all for free, but you are limited to only one per month. Nevertheless, you are not given a due date, so you can keep the book as long as it takes you to read it. If you want to get another one, however, you need to return the previous book first. Even so, it is a great offer from Amazon, as you are given access to hundreds of thousands of books.

And with its Kindle First program, you can download a new book each month, prior to its publication. The Editors make a list of several recommended books, out of which you can download one, for a reduced price.

Amazing shipping options

Not only can you find more than attractive offers on Amazon, but you can also use coupons from other websites like, that would help you save additional money. And, the delivery options are great, too. With Amazon Prime, you get more benefits than regular online shoppers. For example, you are given a free two-day shipping option. Additionally, if you are in a hurry, you can get a free two-hour delivery, with Prime Now. However, other shipping options like Saturday or one-day delivery, require an additional fee, but it depends on the type of item you've purchased.

Save money, and time, with Prime Pantry

If you are regularly buying groceries, and other household items, then you should think about Prime Pantry. This is a great option that enables you to have your groceries delivered to your house at a certain time of your choosing. For instance, you can subscribe to some items and have them automatically delivered each month with Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. This would save you a lot of money as you bundle up products, instead of buying them separately and spending money on delivery each time.

The Prime Pantry will cost you only $5.99 for delivery, and nothing else. Moreover, it will take around four business days for the order to reach your house. But, all in all, it is a great option if you are busy and have no time to go grocery shopping.

Share your subscription with family members

Once you make an account with Amazon Prime, you can share it with people living with you. What you are offered is called Amazon Household, and here you will have a Family Library that is shared among all the family members. One of the requirements is to have two adults, with separate Amazon accounts, which would be linked with Amazon Household.

Plus, you can add up to four children members, too. However, the children will not be able to shop with their own accounts. In addition to this, the adults can control what the children have access to. There are other perks, as well, so be sure to check out the full guide on Amazon's website.

Unlimited photo storage

Lastly, you get free storage for photos, on Amazon's cloud. Furthermore, what you get is unlimited space. Every Amazon member gets 5GB on the cloud, but with a Prime membership, that perk is extended to infinity.

Even better, you can access your storage from any device that is logged into your account. For example, you can upload the photos directly from your phone. With the auto-save option, they will be saved to the cloud immediately upon being taken. And even if you delete photos from your phone, you will still be able to see them on the cloud, because it serves as a backup option for your device.

Clearly, all of these perks are advantageous and come at a very cheap price, since you only pay $99 for all of this. Why pay for subscriptions on other streaming services, when you can get it all here in one place. Plus, you get to shop. So, if you are looking to get the full package, at a good price, you should think about getting a Prime membership. It really is a money saver.