Website focused on providing potential buyers with methods of reducing their expenses, primarily through discount coupons. The main page features a number of categories which include apparel, computers, automotive, fashion, sports and outdoors, weddings and office supplies. Clicking on one of these categories will lead you to that category’s coupon offer page. There are three main sections for coupons: all, available and expired. From there, you’ll just have to find available coupons and click a button to reveal them.

There are plenty of offers to take advantage of, so you’ll probably waste some time browsing through the website. Each coupon is explained accordingly, the description underlying each and every thing you’ll get to save up on if you use that coupon.

Users can also submit a coupon themselves and allow others to take advantage of a specific offer. By providing the website with your email, you can subscribe to their newsletter which will constantly send you offers from popular stores.

In terms of design, it looks pretty basic – which is not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, a little more color and a few other gadgets couldn’t hurt, but they manage to create a suitable platform which users can use easily without too much trouble, given that it’s pretty intuitive.

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