Website dedicated to investment opportunities in grapheme – a two dimensional layer of graphite, the same stuff which makes up charcoal and graphite. The material is really light and has unique properties which are still being discovered today, making it a focus point for modern science through its possible applications in technology and regular household items.

The website will present you with descriptions of the material and possible future uses for it, like car batteries, extra light and flexible mobile screens, along with effective water filters and even neuron connection which can greatly benefit those with bionic limbs.

Once you’re done reading up on the material, you’ll be presented with several options through which you can contribute and be a part of the global technology movement in determining a way to properly manage the material and implement them in the aforementioned applications. Investment options are detailed as well, allowing you to make an informed decision on whether or not to contribute. Of course, the sought-after result would be a high return rate on your investment, due to technological advances which you’ll be basically funding with the funds you put in.

The website doesn’t apparently promote any particular investment option, making it a trustworthy source for readers to get a glimpse into this innovating material. The articles are well-written and researched, even though they clearly promote a product which isn’t yet publicly and commercially available; but has a clear-cut chance to be in the near future.

Design-wise, the website offers you the information needed without burdening you with useless gimmicks; the browsing experience has a good flow and the interface is pretty intuitive. While there aren’t many resources available at this point, the webmasters will probably add more articles in the near future which will compose a compendium on this material and its unique properties.

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