Online seller of men and women clothing, accessories and other fashion-related items. The main page offers users the ability to choose between the two main categories (men and women) and then go to the sub-category featuring item types.

Browsing is smooth and there are a lot of featured products. Aside from the type of the clothing or accessory, users can also choose to browse based on brand or directly use the search feature for something they know they want.

The Australian website ships worldwide and there are express shipping options for buyers who purchase more than a certain amount. Gift cards are also applicable to the store, but only at the physical location of the retailer – they will not work online.

Checkout procedures are pretty standard – you add an item to the cart and then proceed to checkout. They accept Mastercard, Visa and PayPal as payment methods. The Live Blog features articles and special offers, discount deals on events and other resources.

Items are properly featured with dimensions, delivery info and returns policy being also featured on the description page. Several pictures from different angles are available for most clothing items. When browsing large lists, users can refine their search query by selecting brands, categories, color, price range and size for the items they’re looking for. Prices are expressed in AUD and are featured on all items.

All in all, the website looks good and delivers in terms of a shopping site. While the main page might look to salesly at first, you get accustomed to it pretty fast and, as mentioned before, browsing is a breeze. To proceed through checkout, you’ll need to create an account and provide and email address to get started.

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Phone: +61 8 6267 6400