Vaporizers have come into the marketplace rather quickly and many people haven't a clue what to buy or not buy. There are various components that make up the vapes of today. Some are critical for the vape's operation while other accessories are just that - accessories.

The interest and popularity of vaporizers are higher right now than they've been in an extremely long time. With new designs, hundreds of e-liquids (also called e-juices) to choose from, pocket sizes or the size of your average cigarette, what's not to take an interest in?

Many cigarette smokers are being condemned for an addiction that they truly cannot control. Many of these smokers are discovering they can get e-liquids that offer Nicotine, which is the addictive agent in tobacco cigarettes. They are also discovering the cost is minimal to what they spend monthly on packs of cigarettes.

You might be shaking your head in complete confusion. You might be very interested in vapes, but are totally lost on how to get started or what to buy. So let's break it down and get you on the right path to understanding vaporizers.

What Is A Vaporizer?

Vaporizers operate by heating the ingredients and creating a vapor that is cool, non-irritating, and a great deal less harmful than smoking. Ingredients are anything from herbs to e-juices or e-liquids. Smoke is formed by burning the ingredients and then you inhale it into your lungs.

When vapes heat ingredients, the material is not burned and can be used over again, unlike burning which turns the material into ash.

Vaporizers are made up of a number of components that, when combined, heat a variety of ingredients, such as plants, herbs, marijuana, or e-liquids. These heating devices form a vapor for inhalation vs burning ingredients that form harmful smoke.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes are battery operated vaporizers that emulate tobacco cigarettes without the harmful ingredients found in the later. The vapor you inhale is cool because there is no burning involved and it is a pleasant experience because there are no harmful irritations. E-cigarettes come in disposable form for those with interchangeable components.

What You Need To Get Started:

If you have never used vapes, but wish to, it can be a little confusing when first starting off. First and foremost, you need to know what components are needed to operate a vaporizer and what components are considered accessories. There are 5 components that are essential for the operation of vapes:

The Housing (Mod):

This is where the battery for heating the ingredients is located. Batteries, also referred to as atomizers, are the backbone of vaporizers. They heat your e-liquid or other ingredients, no heat – no vapor! Batteries called VV Batteries (variable voltage) allow you to select the voltage you want for producing your vapor.

With literally hundreds of e-liquids on the market, different flavors require different levels of heating for the best quality of flavor. Having a battery that can be altered for a specific e-liquid only makes common sense.

The Tank:

This is where the e-liquid is placed inside the unit. Tanks attach to the battery and use a wick to direct the e-juice (e-liquid) to the coil. There are a variety of tanks, so talk with someone who can help you choose what will work for you. A good tank should be easy to fill and clean and should produce an excellent vapor.

E-Liquids or E-Juices:

Peppermint, cherry, chocolate chip cookie, orange, apple, tobacco, vanilla, watermelon…the list goes on and on!

With an almost endless assortment of flavors, you will never be at a loss for variety. Whether you are into a rich chocolate or tasty peach, it's out there and ready for you to try. Most manufacturers offer starter packs so you can try a nice variety to discover your favorite flavors. E-juices/e-liquids also come with or without Nicotine for those trying to end their tobacco habit.

Drip Tip:

A drip tip is the piece that screws on and you inhale from. These tips should be comfortable, fit firmly in place, and be easy to clean. These pieces are usually made from stainless steel.

Battery Charger:

Battery chargers, just like your cell phone, allow you to plug into an outlet or your USB port. Some batteries will last between six to eight hours.

Starter Kits:

Starting off, you'll probably be better off getting individual items, as it will cost less. Starter kits have added accessories that will push up the price from $60 to $90. Getting with someone and purchasing what you need to get started will run a great deal less than that. Adding various accessories is something you can do later on, once you have become comfortable with your vaporizer and what might just be a nice addition.

Marijuana Vaporizers:

People with various illnesses that have spent way too much time with pain killers often find relief with medicinal marijuana and are now speaking up about it. Where research is being allowed, findings are quite positive, causing more states to legalize its use and turn their backs on the U.S. Government's ban. Medical providers are seeing very positive aspects in vaporizers vs smoking the substance.

Whether medicinal or recreational, these vaporizers are proven to be a great deal less harmful than inhaling smoke. Patients using medicinal marijuana are particularly pleased with vapes over rolling cigarettes. Studies have shown these vaporizers are very efficient devices.

Please Note: If you do not live in a state that has legalized recreational marijuana or medicinal marijuana, you should not be using these devices for that purpose.

In Conclusion:

If you are new to vapes, it can be overwhelming if you don't know what you are looking for. There are many vape shops online that offer excellent information and are easy to contact if you have questions. Your initial startup will run approximately $45 to $50 and monthly supplies will range around $20 to $30.00.

If you are a smoker, that is a great deal less than what you are spending on tobacco. There have been smokers that have returned to tobacco and in many cases it's because they did not get the satisfaction they were hoping for. In many of these cases, they were not getting advice and assistance from those in the know on what they should have purchased.

Those folks in the states that have legalized medicinal marijuana are finding a great benefit in using vaporizers instead of smoking pot. Vaporizers are truly proving to be a great benefit to so many people in so many ways. They are here to stay.