The creators of the Sportsbook Software website bring a modern, state of the art design to sports betting, making it supremely simple for sports fans to get connected to the latest bets and live events.

With a phone application feature, high functioning analytics and reporting software, and supporting over 40 different sports, Sportsbook is the number one betting resource for many people. The website provides quick response, and connects users directly to live sports events, making betting even more competitive by giving more options and managing 200 different currencies from all over the world.

With the software, the customer has full access to live betting and statistics, multiple payment options, customer support, and even risk management.

They also provide a handy affiliate marketing program for customers to bring more traffic to their Sportsbook pages, and connected to other sports fans.

Business address

Entertastic Ltd
175 al este del Oasis,
Heredia San Rafael,
San Rafael
Costa Rica

Contact details

Phone: 213-270-1945