Yolloy is a reliable inflatable company which is situated in GUANGZHOU, CHINA. It is not very far from Hongkong. By providing qualified products with transparent network system it enhanced its popularity. Besides, it is located near BAIYUN international airport. So, it's very easy and transparent for delivering the products. They always use high standard machine for producing qualified products for the customers.  Moreover we are always punctual when we deliver our products.

We basically manufacture outdoor inflatable tents, Outdoor Inflatable Tents, Portable Planetarium Dome, Clear Inflatable Dome Tent, Inflatable Water Park Toys, Interactive Sport Games, Commercial Inflatable Slides, Inflatable Jumping Castle, Inflatable Bounce House, Inflatable Paintball Bunkers, Inflatable Advertising Mode , Mascot Cartoon Costumes, etc.

We use modern technology for serving the best products to the clients according to their wish. We assign qualified and sound designer and engineer for producing the products. First of all we generate design what the clients want. If the design is satisfactory to the clients then we start producing according to design in the factory. Now we provide our products throughout the world. In every continent of the world now YOLLOY is very popular for supplying good products on time. The designers are working hard for improving the process of production to highlight the products in the world market. We use the best metal for producing the products. Before using our engineers give metals a try oppressively. Besides, products are well tested before shipment. All of the products are well furnished with power blowers. We always believe in novelty. There are some reasons for choosing our products. The reasons are discussed below.

Security and indemnity: Safety is very vital thing for any products. We always use safe materials for the products. Water proof and fire resistant PVC tarpaulin are used for all inflatable tents and toys for the safety. A non-harmful TPU material is vastly used to make the products safe.

Permanence: All of the products are long durable. This is the most appealing thing of our products. All of our products easily last for two or three years easily.

Gratification of the customers: We always give concern to the satisfaction of the customers. The people are well satisfied with our products. A complaint centre is available for 24 hours where people can easily complain about the products. YOLLOY give reply within 24 hours.

Punctuality: YOLLOY believes in punctuality. We deliver the products on time to the clients. That's why people are satisfied with our company.

Feasible price: We never say that our price is the cheapest price in the world. But we want to deliver our products with feasible price. We vastly believe in good quality. To provide the good quality we need to fix minimum price.

Ameliorative power: We strongly try to improve our products day by day according to customer's wish. It is the main fact to gratify the customers by providing the better products to the customers.

Responsibility: we try to take the responsibility of the products. We offer warranty to the customers on specific products. Sometimes we offer replacement warranty on few products for 1 year.