While this site may pose as more girly due to the excessive use of the color pink, those that are willing to overlook this fact may find its layout helpful. Here the site allows its shoppers to shop in a number of categories that include perfumes for men, women and even gift sets for either of the sexes. The relative loading speed is ideal for those that are not patient and you can start shopping soon after you make the click.

Ease of use

Aside from all the coupon pitches that could be blinding your view, the site is generally simple to use especially given the variety of brands that scroll across the screen on which you can click to get perfumes from that brand. The fact that it also stocks quite a wide range of products also makes it more likely for more clients to find what they’re looking for. 

The stand out feature

Even though the site does not allow one to look for what they want with a price search, it does have tabs that are very helpful. The tabs, Our favorites, New Arrivals and Clearance make it easy for those that might want to spend a fortune on how they smell to those that are on a tight budget. It is definitely one that would save a friend a substantial amount of trouble.