People usually feel impatient if they are unable to manage their hair as per their choice due to one reason or other as they greatly affect their looks. in such conditions one can react calmly if he knows the chemistry behind the growth of his hair and some chemical mixtures to help him. 

It educates you about the means of growth of hair on your skin. According to this website a hair follicle, a minute hole on your skin, is responsible of growing hair on your body. New hair shoots out and grows longer through these follicles due to the presence of a number of living hair cells under your skin.

Your hair follicles have several living cells that help in the growth of your hair but the shaft of hair which you see out of your skin is made of non-living cells. For that reason any damage to your hair is incurable unlike the other parts of your body. You only have to wait for the growth of your hair in case you have damaged them for any reason.

The shaft of each hair is made of 2-3 layers and its outermost layer is known as cuticle with is made of flattened overlapping cells to give you a smooth feel while rubbing your fingers on it. in this way it educates you about the structure of your hair and helps you in understanding the techniques which can help you in caring for your hair.