iVillage is a “tipping” website that provides insights and direction to help consumers identify trending styles, fashion, food, entertainment as well as beauty and health products.

This site is full of sponsored advertisements and products with links on how to purchase/order. There are numerous articles and blog posts with tips like “ten cute summer styles worth risking” and similarly oriented posts. There are deals and offers as well as give-away products/services. Ivillage is like a store that provides beauty and style products and a gateway to other websites that have the advertised offers.

The page layouts comprise of plain bold black font texts on a white background and blue titles which also act as links for further reading or direction. There are many pictures of products on offer as well as iconic faces. The site loading is fast because of the smaller sized pictures and the overall design is attractive.

The many pictures provide a satisfying appeal and lead to full pages either under the same website or sponsor websites where purchase can be finalized. The level of commercialization is conspicuously evident, therefore this is a site suitable for real buyers rather than those doing reference.