This is an enhancement niche site that contains most of the services offered by with a few additional services. It is basically a community site that allows members to participate in photo contests, search through multiple videos and photos, post and comment. The homepage is complete with many photos, iconic profile images as well as videos and texts. It is easy to navigate through the white background, black and pink varying font size, bold, italics and different styles. This site is still developing and therefore does not have comprehensive details with only a limited number of products available for recommendation.

The design is simple and instructions easy to follow. As a community website, it requires one to sign into their accounts (or sign up/join) in order to get access to more information. Once logged in, there are several links to follow to view blogs as well as beauty products. This is not the type of site to visit when searching for detailed information on beauty and health products. It is favorable to those who already hold a previous account with