This website is places special emphasis on user experience. In the left hand side, one can choose products based on several criteria. Whether you are looking for products on sale or you want all natural products or products which are FSA/HSA eligible, navigation in the left-hand column makes it very easy. Also, one can choose their favorite category of facial care products is from the left-hand column such as concealers, blacks, browns, BB cream, foundations, highlighters, powders or sunscreens.

Left-hand column also carries an option for choosing products within a certain size range. In addition to this, navigation for choosing products by brand name is also available. They carry products from Andalou Naturals, Aveeno, Black Radiance, Honeybee Gardens, Hydroxatone, Lavera Natural Cosmetics, Eco Tools, Elta, Reviva Labs, Revlon and many others. 

They also have a special feature known as saved to your list on the website. This feature allows you to save the products in your list even if you do not want to buy them right then and there. You can also sort products by bestselling products, on the basis of pricing and also on the basis of customer ratings. The customer reviews present on the website for each product helped a lot in deciding before buying a product.

They also provide good advice on which products to buy for effective facial make-up.