If you’re looking for parts for your Alfa Romeo, Fiat or Fiat Van, then you can consider this website as a viable alternative, first of all, because they ship worldwide. When you get to the website, you’ll be asked to select your vehicle, its exact model, engine size and last, but not least, the kinds of parts you’re looking for: accessories, braking, car care products, cooling, door mirrors, filtration, ignition, lighting, wiper equipment and several more, depending on the model and availability.

Alternatively, you can just skip the whole selection method and go directly for your vehicle’s individual tab and browse from there. The last tab displayed is the bargain bin where you’ll find all sorts of deals for all sorts of parts pertaining to one of these three vehicles. Each part comes with its individual part number, the price offered on retail and the price you’ll be able to buy it for on this website – which is usually somewhat lower.

When you’re done, simply add the items to your cart. The checkout procedure does require you create a simple account which asks for your name, address, email address and shipping address. Some parts cannot be shipped outside of the UK, due to their size. Part prices do not contain VATs for countries outside the European Union either, so additional charges may apply. It isn’t very clear how payment is to be made, even though the website presents a MasterCard trusted stamp at the bottom of each page. There’s also information about additional costs for each of the countries the parts can be shipped at, depending on the package’s weight.

In the end, the simplistic nature of the website makes for a simple, intuitive browsing experience which can only translate into a good thing for the casual car part shopper.

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