A premier commercial and residential cleaning service provider which deals with all kinds of carpets upholstery, and rugs across the Tri-State area in New York. They provide a professional approach towards cleaning services by offering highly trained and qualified staff members to handle cleaning services.

They are committed to providing services which are tailored to specific client needs. http://www.cleaning-services-nyc.com/ believes in enhancing green cleaning practices by using non toxic ingredients to create a safe environment for clients. They clean all types of fabrics ranging from smooth cotton items to tough leather materials. They give keen attention to all types and sizes of rugs and carpets including thick wall to wall thick carpets. They also clean different kinds of sofas and mattresses.

Cleaning Services NYC is keen on maintaining the colour of every material they clean. Whether its white living room carpets or red industrial carpets, they ensure removal of all kinds of stains without fading the colour. They specialize in different cleaning service including modern Oriental rug cleaning, mould removal and clean-up, water damage restoration services, organic cleaning services and stain removal.

To complement their services, http://www.cleaning-services-nyc.com/ also offers deep deodorizing and sanitation services to give the cleaned materials a wonderful and relaxing smell. They provide regular special offers including discounts on different kinds of materials.

Business address

215 west 101,
New York,
United States

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Phone: 2124702593