Located in Des Plaines, Illinois, Mr. Livas concentrates on those charged with DUI and other miscellaneous charges.

While abstaining from drinking and driving is always the best option, people do make mistakes. It's important to contact an attorney immediately because without proper defense, you could not only be convicted and sentences, but you could also end up with extra penalties that could jeopardize your reputation for several years, if not a lifetime. Mr. Livas takes the time to investigate each case to make sure that his clients are treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

or over 18 years, Mr. Livas has built a reputation of helping those who have been charged with a misdemeanor, DUI, or other felony criminal cases. He has proven his knowledge and ability to represent clients while litigating with judges and prosecutors in the state of Illinois.

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The Law Offices of George G. Livas
770 Lee Street, Suite #201,
Des Plaines,
United States

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Phone: (847) 768-3000