Man is a social animal and perhaps "the only difference between animals and humans is our ability to think". Without this ability, we would just be like animals (at least, according to the great philosopher - Aristotle). Education is a tool that promotes this ability and makes us better humans.

The US today has nearly 5% unemployment and an almost stalled growth rate with national income and GDP per capita growing painfully slowly. Is it time we went back to our roots to look for the root cause of this problem? Could Education play a role in improving the situation? The right education system can certainly make people happier and more productive.

The education system in the US has not changed in several decades now. Education is the backbone of a country and its economy. Right education can make all the difference. This is why giving right education to future generations is critical. Imparting proper education at the right age will not just make children competitive, but also help them lead a better and satisfactory life.

US Education

The formal education system in America though is far better than the education system in many countries. However, there is a genuine need for more involvement. The environment found in classrooms promotes open discussions, which develop critical thinking. But the essays allocated to students just become a burden on them.

Many students seek cheap essay writing service to complete such essays. Writing about a problem is definitely one of the better ways to understand the problem, but tutors need to assess the interest of students first. Getting a degree involves passing several subjects and many of these subjects do not necessarily get students excited.

The problem is not just restricted to subjects being forced on to students. It goes much beyond that.

Making students write essays even on topics they are much interested in improves their subject understanding only to an extent. A better way to get students interested in a subject is to promote independent thinking. This is where the problem lies. Instead of assessing a student's interest in college, this process would serve much better if it could be started much earlier. Sports is an excellent example of this. Countries like China send 5 year olds away from their parents to train for Olympics.

Why can't this be replicated in education?

Why can't we gauge a child's interest at a young age and focus on that? This is not to say that such children won't ever learn anything else or any other subjects. Interests of children could change after a certain age and you need to make due provisions for the same. What if your child wants to pursue something different after turning 10?

There are many parents who send their children to sports academies, music classes, gymnasiums or other institutions. However, there is no such provision at the school level. Children should be allowed to pursue anything of their interest right from school. They should be encouraged to experiment, discover, improve, and build things right from the time they feel confident.

This needs a systematic approach through which such activities can be supported in schools. We need to think out of the box and come out with ways to promote this in children. Young children should be assessed based on their ability to think differently and to contribute in making things better. How many schools in the US or around the world have cooking, archery, painting, singing or automobiles as subjects taught in schools?

Children learn History, Geography, Chemistry, Biology and Physics in schools, but unless you are as engineer, doctor or a geologist, how much of what you learnt about these subjects would you remember? Let these subjects be mastered and improved by children who genuinely want to learn them.

Only a keen interest in any subject or topic can bring a revolution, which is not just the need of the hour, but has almost become crucial for our very survival.