The Apartments at Palladian Place Not only does our community boast impressive amenities, but our apartments provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience. Visit our website to learn more!

If this is what this website is like, what about the actual place? Not many people get to see really amazing websites because not many people browse a lot. Most people go online to visit specific websites and most of those websites are not that impressive. But when you visit the Apartments at Palladian Place website, you'll be impressed. It's a website dedicated to displaying and highlighting the apartments at Palladian Place. The website is...ok, let me tell you what it is like.

The Home Page

The guys at the Apartments at Palladian Place went all out on their website. They wanted to make sure that you get exactly what the apartments at Palladian Place are like. The moment the homepage of the website finishes loading, YOU WILL; get what those apartments are like. If you are using a standard 1366 x 768 resolution monitor or something around that resolution, the moment the homepage is done loading, your entire screen will be filled with one of the most beautiful and hypnotizing slideshows you have ever seen. Talk about the good life. For a moment, you'll just stare and forget that you were looking for…whatever it is you were looking for. The slideshow is one of the extremely short videos that give you exciting glimpses of how lovely and breathtaking the apartments at the Palladian Place are.

But don't get so lost in the slideshow that you fail to realize that there is an interactive main menu at the top part of the web page. Starting from the top left corner of the web page, there is a menu item with the address of the location of the Palladian Place. When clicked, you'll be directed to Google Maps and the actual location of the place will be highlighted. Next to that menu item is another one with a telephone number on it; click it and you'll instantly call the guys behind the Apartments at Palladian Place. On the left side of the top corner of the website are three more menu items: Video Tour, Take a Tour, and Pet Policy. The Video Tour button will direct you to a short, almost 2 minutes YouTube video about the Apartments at Palladian Place. The "Take a Tour" item will direct you to a page with a form, which when filled in will enable you to book a tour at the Palladian Place. The "Pet Policy" item will take you to the same form as the "Take a Tour" item; seems like you need to fill the form first to know their pet policy…funny, isn't it? They do know they could just tell you, but no, they just have to get your contact details first; they think they are so clever!

Something you'll notice and that's kind of cool about the Apartments at Palladian Place website is that as you scroll down, content and stuff will either just suddenly appear, or fly in from the left or right. It is a cool animation; you won't see this behavior on most websites. That's why this website is exceptional. Moreover, also notice that as you scroll down, the main menu of the website transforms into one with a black background and with more menu items. You can check them out if you are curious.

After the slideshow, there are three items accompanied by splendid photos: Superior Space, Indulgent Details, and Stunning Surroundings. Check out the "Superior Spaces" item to see the kind of designs you are likely to find at the Palladian Place apartments. The designs are in the form of architectural plans, but even a 2nd Grader can interpret them. The "Indulgent Details" item will take you to a page displaying the kind of social amenities you will find at the Palladian Place. You should check them out, they are very enticing. And the "Stunning Surroundings" item will lead you to a page on the website that shows a map of the location of the Palladian Place apartments.

Next follows a section that gives a brief description of the Apartments at Palladian Place. If you are around Durham or Chapel Hill, England, and are looking for your next permanent or temporal residence, you should really check out this website. Furthermore, within this section are two interactive buttons: View Gallery and View Amenities. I don't think you need to be told what to expect when you click them. In case you are floating, just visit the website and click them. There are two more buttons toward the bottom of the footer of the web page: "Take a Tour" and "Apply Today'. They do exactly the same thing as the earlier main menu items with the same tags.

At the bottom of the page is the footer, which appears to be divided into two sections. The upper (dark) bit contains some images that encourage you to follow the Apartments at Palladian Place on Instagram. And the bottom (white) bit has more links; similar to the ones on the main menu after it has transformed. In between the upper (dark) and bottom (white) bit are several social network links. I just love the way the main menu of the website merges with the footer of the website to create one beautiful display. The web design that's happening on this website is just amazing.

Each of the web pages of the website contains very brief content. I am not a fun of a lot of content on web pages. This website just keeps me on toes as far as excitement is concerned. The brief content makes it easy for you to go through the various displays the site has on the apartments at Palladian Place.


The performance of the website is very impressive considering the number of images contained on each of its web pages. I'm actually impressed at how seamlessly the extremely short videos in the slideshow on the homepage play. The site is fully responsive. Excellent!


If you haven't noticed by now, I only discussed the homepage of the website because this site is so impressive I could write so much about it, but I don't want to feed you too much content. I'm not a fan of too much content, either reading or writing/typing. Be that at it may, I have covered pretty much every vital thing you should know about this amazing website. There are no complaints from me as far as it is concerned. The Apartments at Palladian Place are amazing and so is their website. I rest my case.

Business address

Apartments at Palladian Place
260 Leigh Farm Road,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 919-401-9991
Fax: 919-401-9995