The website has a very appealing and organized look. Background and text used for content have just the right contrast and look very appealing. Colors, fonts and text sizes make the information legible and easy to read. High quality photos that change from one to the next are captivating. Text is very well organized and information on what the company is about, locations, home designs and floor plans is organized in a logical way, which makes it easy for the customers to find.

Most essential information about different floor plans is grouped in a practical way with buttons right underneath that pop out and encourages the user to click on it. Once the button is clicked, you are then navigate to the next page with more in-depth information about the homes available and services provided by Modular Homes Texas. There is also as very neat feature, which is a form that is easily accessible on the homepage where a customer can request more information from the company’s representative and learn about latest promotions.

The website is very user-friendly and has a strong visual appeal. It is constructed with professionalism and structure, using different colors, spacing, just the right amount of text with appealing fonts, makes the site engaging. Simple yet professional look with clear description of homes and facts, makes the website perfect for first-time users, recurring clients, experts and novices in the field.

In addition, navigating through the site is very easy, as it is structured in such a way, that it’s organized content helps a customer abundantly clear where the important information can be found. It has a logical flow with links and buttons so appealing that you just have to click on them.

The site behaves consistently across all major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera. It’s also very mobile friendly and looks and acts just as good on the mobile phone as it is on the computer, with all the functions working properly. It has a super fast load time on the computer, laptop and phone of approximately half a second to maximum 1 second.

In conclusion, Modular Homes Texas website is highly attractive as it immediately communicates the purpose of the business with clarity and an inviting tone. Overall layout is focused on ease of use and ease of reading. It is very customer-oriented and provides a seamless browsing experience. The contact details are visible and easy to find. The form on the homepage makes it easy to ask for personal assistance and get in touch with live customer service representative. One of the factors that made it very exciting to remain on the site for me personally , was the slide shows of current high resolution photos and the ease of navigating through the site where I learned more in depth information different styles of modular homes. Most importantly, the consistency of the website creates trust, making customers come back for more.

Business address

Modular Homes Texas
13030 Gulf Freeway, Suite B,
United States

Contact details

Phone: 2819949775