If you’re looking for decorative wall mirrors, then this website will provide you with a wide range of choices for most rooms inside your home. For example, you can get bathroom mirrors, bedroom and living room decorative wall mirrors. Aside from that, you can browse based on several styles, like art deco, modern glass, venetian, rococo and frameless or retro wall mirrors.

The landing page presents several popular types of mirrors for you to choose from. When selecting one, you’ll be taken to their individual page where a number of choices will be presented, as well as a short description of the general type of mirrors and their possible uses.

Each product, in turn, has its own description page where you’ll get important details like the style of the mirror, where it would go well and dimensions. Prices are also displayed, along with several benefits for ordering from them: free shipping within the UK and a money-back guarantee for a few days.

In general, the website looks good, even though it has a old website’s feel to it, probably to a simplistic design. This is not necessarily a bad thing as you can easily get to the product you’re looking for without being lost in useless details. Pictures are provided for each product and there are even dimension choices on select items.

Checkout procedure is pretty standard and you should not encounter problems while going through it. They accept most major credit cards, as well as paying with PayPal without the need of creating an account for purchases made here. Contact details are found on website, from en email address to a phone number which you can call for more details on products and delivery methods.

Business address

Soraya Interiors
8 Scarne Lake Gardens,
PL15 9FJ
United Kingdom