Ikon Dental Suite has a very simple mission, which is to restore your oral health.

It boasts of specialist who can serve both clients who want simple daily hygienic appointments as well as those that have complex gum diseases and dental implantology. It has experts in Dental Implantology, Orthodontics and Periodontology, all of whom are vastly experienced.

Some of the services offered by Ikon Dental Suite include:

• Periodontal Therapy
• Hygienist treatment
• Dental implants
• Treatment of nervous patients that need specialist sedation techniques
• Facial makeovers and smile
• Oral medicine and oral surgery services by specialist surgeons
• Treatment of gum disease

The company boasts of a team of highly qualified staffs that are specialists in gum diseases and dental implantology

The dental providers cite the more than 8000 patients they have treated as a testament to their proven track record. According to them, if you choose them, you will be in safe hands because their experts also lecture other dentists, meaning that they understand their trade very well.