Not everyone gets the opportunity to go to university. For some people, vocational training is sufficient to set them on the right career path. If you are looking for the perfect way to learn new skills or build on the ones you already have, an apprenticeship is your best bet. If you reside in the United Kingdom, you are in luck! Smart Training and Recruitment is one of the best training providers you will ever find.

One of the main reasons why more and more people prefer Smart Training and Recruitment is because they have a dynamic team of service providers. Their apprenticeship programmes, which are also government-funded, are offered throughout England. Since their establishment in 2003, Smart Training and Recruitment has delivered well over 13 000 apprentices and 2 600 have benefited from their programme. The team is dedicated and committed to ensuring that anyone who passes through their hands is qualified and ready for the market.

Apprenticeships The apprenticeship programme at Smart Training and Recruitment is an intensive program which is designed to equip the learner with specialised skills in their area of interest, some of the skills which learners can gain include catering, hospitality, business administration, retail, and contact centre administration. The good news is that upon completion of the programme, the student will receive an accredited vocational qualification.

The other benefit of enrolling in the programme is that students get to interact with highly trained and qualified training providers. The training providers are not only friendly but also supportive throughout the programme.

Traineeships For anyone who is looking to join the apprenticeship program but they do not have the necessary qualifications, or they wish to develop some skills beforehand, the traineeship programme comes in handy. The functional skills which the trainee will receive include mathematics and English. They can also be guided on interview skills as well as job-searching skills.

Recruitment Services Apart from offering apprenticeship and traineeship services, Smart Training and Recruitment also offers recruitment services. If you are an employer and you wish to employ highly-qualified staff for specialised work, Smart Training and Recruitment can get you the right team for the job. The team will consider your specifications, and get the right people for you.

Apart from recruitment services, Smart Training and Recruitment can also conduct training for your staff. This is important especially if you wish for them to get equipped with certain skills while on the job. The service providers also offer free consultancy for businesses who are their clients.

Whether you need to enrol for an apprenticeship programme or a traineeship, all you have to do is contact the team at Smart Training and Recruitment. You can also access application forms on their website. Enrolling in the programme will definitely equip you with the skills you need to enter the job market. For employers, finding the right staff is as easy as contacting Smart Training and Recruitment and telling them what you are looking for. Their friendly support team is more than willing to handle your queries.

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