The company was established in 1869 where it has been offering services to many people who need legal assistance. The website is designed in such a way that there is an interface where a user can easily log in and send a message after which the specialists will respond to it. This makes it easier for different people who will like to access legal services to easily contact the professionals through the website. The professionals through the website are able to offer different legal services under different categories such as: Conveyance Quote, Conveyance, Employment Law, Family Law and Motoring Offences.

Under Business Legal Services they offer: Business Property law, Corporate Services, Corporate Employment Law, Charities, Equine Law, Family Business and Licensing. The website also offers other legal services that can really help people in need of legal services.

For instance in case you have a marriage or business which is in a dispute you can easily access qualified lawyers from Charles Lucas & Marshall solicitors who will offer you necessary services such as Asbestos Related Illnesses, Industrial Diseases, Clinical Negligence, Brain Injury, Personal Injury, Mesothelioma Solicitor, Divorce & Legal Separation and Motoring Offences. For private clients they will be able to access services such as Asset Protection & Tax Planning, Probate & Estate Administration, Trust Formation & Administration, Powers of Attorney & Mental Incapacity, Inheritance Disputes and Wills.

The website has a section where clients can post their comments. This enables the experts to know more about what the customers feel about the services. This is very necessary in enabling the experts make necessary changes which have allowed them shine in offering legal services for many years. In case you have been served by the professionals and you feel like the services were up to standards you can post your comments on the section of the customer reviews. This will also help other clients in making decisions whether to make use of the professionals or not.