A popular politic formation, with Christian-democratic essence. From the very beginning we promoted democratic, Christian and national values in the Republic of Moldova.

We belong to the European Christian-Democratic family and we are members with full rights in the Christian-Democratic International. We were represented in the Parliament in 3 consequent legislatures. As Romanians, we are in solidarity with all forerunner generations and we wholly assume the historical past of the Romanian nation. We belong to the European geographical, linguistic and cultural space from which we were pulled out by using force six decades ago. As Europeans we have the right to belong economically and politically to this space.

Who are our friends?

- Youth people from the Youth Organization "Noua Generatie". Workers from the Christian Democratic Workers Organization, an autonomous structure of the Christian Democratic People's Party.
- Professors, whose interests are protected by the Christian-Democratic Professors Organization.
- Doctors, whose interests are protected by the Christian-democratic Doctors and Chemist Organization.
- Women, who are organized in the Christian-democratic Women Society.

Our policies

  1. Our policies are based on the Christian's view upon Creation, human being and state.
  2. We believe that freedom, justice, solidarity and human rights are fundamental values.
  3. According to our vision, family is one of the fundamental institutions in a society.
  4. We respect women's right to get involved in politics, social, professional and cultural life equally to men.
  5. Politics for youth is a politics for the future. Our efforts are focused constantly on press consolidation, which is the forth power in a state.
  6. We plead for the market economy, social and durable, based on private property and free competition. We are the partisans of the parliamentary democracy and irreconcilable opponents of the corruption and organized crime.
  7. We wish to have a free, democratic and functional country, in which all citizens will be protected.
  8. We have the obligation to protect the nature which is the Creation of the God.

Strategic objectives

We remain attached to the idea of national unity between Romania and Republic of Moldova and we want our dream to become true in the forthcoming future in the process of general European integration. Moldova's Integration in the European Union and adhesion to NATO are our irrevocable strategic option.

International Relations

CDPP's foreign activity is coordinated and unfurled through Department of Foreign Relations. From the very beginning , the CDPP is the single party from the Republic of Moldova that keeps up a very intensive activity and international cooperation.

The CDPP is the fully right member of the Christian Democrat's Internationally (CDI), umbrella organization at the European level which brings together the Christian Democrats parties from all over the world. The CDPP had access in CDI on the 27th of November in 1999, based on the Political Bureau decisions in Bucharest, Romania.

The CDPP is an observer member of the European People's Party from the 3rd of March 2005. CDPP is one of the most influential political structures from Europe, which gathers in the Christian-democrats, people's and conservatives parties from the continent.