South Africa based blind business, offering a wide variety of services to those looking to buy blinds online or learn how to install them in order to save up some money. A huge aspect of the website is that it allows you to select from the wide variety of products available, put in the required measurements and then get a free quote for the prospective delivery.

Aside from that, you’ll find all the regular blinds commercially available, from plaswood, to rollers, verticals, shutters and aluwood. Accessories and maintenance services are also available and payment through credit cards is possible.

Each product has subcategories representing different options available for sale. When you end up on a product’s page, you’ll usually get several pictures detailing how the product looks installed in a home. Aside from that, you’ll have the option of choosing from several other details, like color, fitting type and dimensions in millimeters. A free quote can be obtained from each product page as well.

Users can sign up for a newsletter to get future updates related to this business and you can go through several testimonials about this business, their products and services. This particular business delivers nationwide in South Africa and offers discounts on selected products most of the time. A telephone number can also be used to place an order or enquire about additional details not contained within the website itself.

Business address
257A Uys Krige Drive,
Cape Town,
South Africa
South Africa

Contact details

Phone: 0878026027