The book Saferstein's Forensic Science, An Introduction is supported by this companion website. It is broken down into 18 chapters that all contain quizzes.

Chapter one defines forensic science. Chapters two and three discuss and review types of physical evidence. Chapter four defines and distinguishes the physical and chemical properties of matter. Chapter five compares and contrasts psychological and physical independence. Chapter six focuses on how blood is absorbed and transported throughout the body. Chapter seven takes a look at the parts of a compound microscope. Chapter 8 teaches about antigens, antibodies and blood types. Chapter 9 names the parts of the nucleotide. Chapter 10 discusses the significance of animal and human hair. Chapter 11 is about trace elements used to compare different types of physical evidence. Chapter 12 lists the conditions needed to initiate and sustain combustion. Chapter 13 teaches about how explosives are classified. Chapter 14 gives details about fingerprinting. Chapter 15 shows readers how to rifle a barrel. Chapter 16 defines questioned document. Chapter 17 lists and describes in detail the hardware and software components of a computer. Chapter 18 analyzes how the Internet is structured. This website is easy to navigate and highly informative.