Online resource containing learning aids for mathematics, IT and physics. There are several categories from which to choose from, aside from the aforementioned ones, so if you’re interested in a new approach to understand and learn more about the field of your choice, then be sure to check this resource out.

They promote a new kind of approach to dealing with otherwise tough subjects. Entertainment seems to be one of the methods used, as there are categories like Maths and Humor available as well in which you get to answer interesting questions in the field.

Aside from that, you can go through lots of informative articles about various subjects. There are some glitches in terms of available buttons – for example, you’ll need to click the Home link to get there. Also, clicking images on featured articles will only scroll the page up and not lead to the selected article. Some social media integration is available for Facebook and Twitter users.

The design is pretty straightforward. There are 3 main categories: Mathematics, Physics and Web Development. Clicking on any of them will lead you to their respective pages where you’ll be able to access some subcategories as well related to their respective field. You can contact them through a standardized form you’d have to fill in at the Contact section.