is a website that offers real-life escape games played like a team with the aim of completing the challenges in the stipulated time. Some of the amazing games offered on the website are "Ye Olde Horrible Dungeon", a game where one runs from a mysterious Victorian museum and makes to the magical tails of a fairy-tale dungeon in time before being attacked by a horde of hungry zombies.

"A Golden Acquisition" is also a game offered on the website that is focused more on stealing artifacts rather than just escaping. It contains huge rooms with an adequate amount of puzzles that need to be solved at a given time.

"Survival at Z-hour" is another game offered at This is a type of game played by two teams; one acting as humans and the other as zombies. The humans have a strict timeframe to find the cure for zombies and the zombies to break into the lab and eat the brains of humans.

These games are unique with puzzles and challenges to solve and are best for a group of friends or family members looking for something interesting and different in the gaming world.

The Website's Design

The website has a simple design that provides an interactive experience to gaming enthusiasts and other visitors. The homepage contains a detailed summary of all the games offered and even goes on to give a hint of how they are played. This is an attractive idea as any visitor would be excited and eager to participate in the games since their interest is aroused right from the time they reach the homepage. has a simple approach to site navigation with a straightforward design that gives visitors an easy access to the entire website. It is superbly comprehensive, with all the details one may need to navigate seamlessly.

The site features the best games available and elaborates on how they are played. Its menu bar features tabs like "Book Now", "Articles", "Corporate" and "FAQ", ensuring that visitors can find almost all the details they need right on the homepage. Everything at is easily accessible from the big menu bar. It is an excellent design that gets visitors questions answered.

The website's main objective is to give visitors the desire to stay on the page. With detailed game explanations and accompanying exciting photos, visitors are encouraged to focus on the main idea, i.e. the adventure.

Personal Experience

The rooms featured in the games at are one of a kind lifetime experience. They have a good mix of find-and-seek and non-linear puzzles.

Our team broke into three groups and worked on a puzzle. When one group could not get it, the other switched off in an interesting way that really worked well for the other groups. The rooms had great d├ęcor, and we felt well immersed in the setting we were supposed to be in.

The artifact was a nice touch and really believable. Escaping with the "Golden Alpaca" gave a great sense of achievement and excitement which is why I think we really enjoyed the whole adventure. is really impressive and every adventurer and gamer should consider visiting the site for some good experience. There are lots of other exciting games both for kids and adults. The rooms are also impressive. I am looking forward to trying out their PVP rooms and feel the difference even more!

Business address

Arcadia Adventures
6012 3 St. SW,

Contact details

Phone: +1-587-356-0440