Haven't heard of axe throwing as a recreational sport? We've got you covered! Find out how this traditional Canadian backyard pastime has recently become so popular! Bad Axe Throwing has taken an urban approach and offers guests the opportunity to go axe throwing in a safe and secure environment.

Originally founded in 2014 in Burlington, Ontario Canada, they've expanded to over 10 locations across Canada and the United States. They specialize in hosting axe throwing events for private parties such as birthday parties, team building events, bachelor/bachelorette parties and those looking for something unique and different.

Professional axe throwing coaches provide step by step direction; from orientation, teaching you how to throw an axe, conducting fun games and hosting a competitive tournament to crown a champion. Coaches also provide ongoing feedback about technique enabling most participants to successfully hit the target. Events typically last between 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the size of the group. Learning to throw an axe is fun, but it's even more fun in a large group. It's a team activity and most locations require a minimum of 8 people to host an axe throwing party. Many facilities can accommodate much larger groups ranging from 50 - 100 participants.

All locations consist of axe throwing lanes. Each lane has fencing around two targets, containing the axe throwing area. For safety reasons, only the 2 axe throwers and the coach are allowed into the lane at one time. Axe throwers are directed on when to throw, coordinating the throw and retrieval time to be in sync with one another. There are also spectator areas which allow participants who are waiting their turn to see how their teammate is doing.

There are two different sizes of axes, and it's recommended that you learn to throw using the larger axe as it's heavier and more forgiving. You're positioned about twelve feet away from the target, the coach will count down from three and then you throw, aiming for the bullseye of course!

The scoring for each game is structured a little differently depending on the game, however the point system remains consistent. Here's some basic point information:

● 6 points for the bullseye

● 4 points for the blue ring

● 3 points for the red ring

● 2 points for the green ring

● 1 point for the black ring

As the games progress, the point systems can get a bit more technical:

● The blue balls award 10 points but only in moment of tie-breakers. Otherwise the blue balls are worth the value of the ring they are in.

● If the axe is in 2 rings simultaneously, then they are awarded the points for the higher valued ring.

● Stick and Stay Policy: The axe must remain in the target for the throw to count. If it falls out, then the throw will be awarded a "0".

The recreational sport of axe throwing is naturally social and people of all skills levels can learn to throw an axe. Bad Axe Throwing encourages clients to bring their own snacks and drinks so you and your group can eat, drink and be burly while throwing some axes.

For those who develop a new passion for axe throwing, they also offer axe throwing leagues. The first week is reserved for practice and instruction leading up to the playoffs. The final week is reserved to crown the ultimate axe throwing champion! Axe throwing leagues are a fun and unique way to spend your weekday evenings getting together with your friends or getting out and meeting new people.

Bad Axe Throwing is the biggest axe throwing club in the world, with 11 locations across Canada and the U.S. It's not a surprise why this sport has become so popular, people say it's like darts but on steroids. Making the arrangements for your party is easy, just fill out the online form to make sure your prefered time is available. After that, just put on your plaid shirt and go throw some axes.

Check out their website to see if they are in a city near you!