There are many Kinect games for kids that are fun such as SpongeBob Squarepants and Sesame Street-Once Upon a Monster. An example of a fun Kinect game is Kinect Rush: a Disney Pixar Adventure—Xbox 360. This is a Disney Pixar Adventure and has an "E" rating which means everyone can enjoy this game. The game is focused around your child; who is dropped off at a Pixar camp. At this camp, he or she can check out the area, meet other children in the park, where the children in the game will interact with your child and show them around the park.

Another Kinect game is Kinect Joy Ride. This game is a racing game and will take your child on a wild ride. It combines wild kart racing with "full-body gaming."
Sonic Free Riders is a game that has a unique motion sensor, where those using this game will see their family and friends controlling their hover board or bike "by twisting, turning and jumping" in a race to see who crosses the finish line.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure is a fascinating game that combines a videogame with various toys that make a great game for anyone. The game has a little pedestal that plugs into your Xbox 360. Then, when you place a Skylander toy on the pedestal, the character shows up in the game. The toys are quality and children love it. One game that is especially loved is Kinect Disneyland Adventures. Children absolutely love this one because they can explore the Disneyland theme park. They can check out Mickey Mouse and walk along with him or go on a mini-game version of the rides.

To conclude, Kinect games for kids are great ways to have fun, learn and interact with others.

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