Bluehost is one of the oldest webhosts and they have managed to make a name for themselves as one of the largest brand names in the industry. Started in 1996, they have managed to survive in the web hosting business thanks to their quality services. Many companies have tried to penetrate the market but Bluehost has managed to outdo them with quality solutions.

As you would expect, a company such as Bluehost has been in business for this long because of their first class infrastructure. They are sufficiently equipped with well-trained technical staff, power backup generators, mirrored storage backups and modern quad processor servers. They also have an OC-48 backbone connection that provides internet connectivity at an excess of 2 GB per second bandwidth.

Their Pricing And Available Plans

They have a Platinum Pak Plan which is basically a one size fits all web hosting plan. This makes it quite easy for customers to choose a hosting plan that is right for them. The only downside of this plan is that you may not get all the features that are suitable for your website. The good thing about it is that it has more than enough features to satisfy the needs of almost every customer. The Platinum Pak offers 15000GB of data transfer and 1500GB of disk storage space at $4.95 per month.

It also offers other features such as an unlimited number of domains and sub-domains under a single account. This is a lot more than other web hosts would normally allow. Bluehost also has an easy-to-use Page Wizard and a web-based file manager, which gives them an edge over other webhosts by allowing users to create professional looking web pages.

Their Uptime And Reliability

A web host can provide the best plan, best pricing, unlimited bandwidth and storage but if their network reliability is wanting, then it is not worth investing in. Bluehost’s reliability and uptime is top-notch. They work round the clock to ensure that their servers work faster and continuously make improvements in their services.

Some planned down time is of course unavoidable, but a good host will try to keep such outages to a minimum and warn their customers early in advance if they plan to do things such as network maintenance and upgrades. Bluehost currently boasts of an overall uptime in excess of the Magic 99%, which other webhosts claims to provide yet they do not.

Their Customer Service

Bluehost offers customers a number of choices when it comes to customer service. They have an online center where you can search for a number of solutions to any problems that you may have. You can also open support tickets to their support staff or you can call them using their technical support phone number.


Bluehost’s services are reliable and solid, which is a very important factor when choosing web host providers. In terms of performance, reliability and pricing, they rank among the top web-hosting providers. Their services are suitable for newbies as well as webmasters. They basically have everything that you need ranging from affordable prices to reliable technical support.

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