Virtual business has forever changed the landscape of the business world because it's virtually impossible to do business without it. Websites now allow small, local companies to do business with clients on the other side of the globe. Every serious business now needs a website to provide advertising for their business and they also need to have reliable web hosting to ensure the website is running properly and available when people attempt to visit. is a cloud hosting service which was founded in 2009 as a part of the British organization UK2Group. They provide their service in 180 countries for over 10,000 clients. They appear to be on the forefront of technology as they introduced the innovations like resource upgrades that don't require a reboot. 

The reviews for have been mostly positive and their services are very competitive with other web hosting services. They have a 99.9% Uptime promise which is tied for the highest in the industry. This may be the most important factor when deciding on a web hosting service because it determines how often a potential customer will be able to access the website. They also offer their customers a 30 day money back guarantee which is also tied for the best in the industry. Their support is semi managed 24/7 which better than some companies but not as good as the fully managed support others offer. charges $69 a month per server for full service managed support which is bit pricey when you consider other companies include this service. However, this price is still lower than the $100 a month other companies charge for the same service. has 20 Global data centers which is nearly 3 times as many as most of their competition. This company is also the only one available that offers Automatic plan upgrades as well as automatic server failover.

VPS offers three service plans to accommodate the needs of their many customers. The level one service provides the customer with 1GB of RAM and 20 GB of HDD along with 6 TB of bandwidth. All of that has to do with how much your website will be able to do. This is a good plan for people who want a basic website with a few pages to give their customers information about the company. Level 1 starts at $145 US a month which is about 89 British Pounds.

The level 2 service provides the customer with 4 nodes as well as twice as much memory storage as the level 1 plan. This option is the most popular plan and it should satisfy the needs of nearly every company's website. This option allows the site to contain multiple pages of complex HTML and CSS and is ideal for websites that need to take business orders online and process Credit Card payments. This plan starts at about $195 US which is about 119 British pounds.

The level 3 plan includes twice as much data storage as level 2 which is 4 times as much as level 1. This plan is only necessary for major corporations with extremely complex websites featuring videos and tutorials, links to other websites and other such technical advancements. This plan starts at about $293 US which is about 179 British pounds.

There are a number of different virtual web hosting services available and can satisfy virtually any company's needs. However, there are companies that provide a less expensive service without all the technical advancements of For a company that relies heavily on its website to provide the majority of its business, is hard to beat. For a company that gets most of its revenue from a brick and mortar store and they only use the website to provide information about the store, they may want to consider using a less expensive service.

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