One example of the usage of web directory is when we are searching for web hosting website. If in the search engine we type keyword "web hosting" we will find so many websites that sometimes not even connected with our need on finding web hosting service. On the other side, if we go to web directory, we just need to find directory that related with web hosting service and just type a keyword there, then we are served with list of reputable web hosting service that had submitted their website to the web directory website.

For example, is This website is one of the most reputable webs hosting company that serving flexible web hosting packages for their customers. This website is having a high rank because it suits every web hosting plan. They serve several packages such as economy, deluxe and unlimited plan.

With that classification, webmasters make them as reliable web hosting because they know what webmaster's need. If we are searching on the web directory, we will be able to find this high quality service, but if we search it through searching engine, we might get a little difficulty. Therefore, from now on, why do not we try to find specific website through web directory to get satisfying outcome.

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