Web-design-directory.org.uk is a web design directory around the United Kingdom and Ireland that hosts more than 600 companies. It caters to a wide array of services including webs design companies, SEO agencies and other digital agencies thereby limiting the search of these kinds of services to a single website.

Web-Design-Directory is a user-friendly website. From the first view of the main page, you will know exactly what it provides. A separate quick search box is provided to instantly search for the service you are searching for and the region where it provides it. There is a window through which you can register your business free of cost. If you are already registered, the same window will take you to your personal account through which you can write and edit the contents about your company. The whole registration or login step is very simple and takes some minutes.

On the lefty hand side, there is a separate panel that advertises about the services they offer and in the section just beside it that becomes the center page, you will see a list of random companies, their information, addresses, prices, services and every other details that might be required by you.

A new user will not face any difficulty while going through the different segments of this website since it has ample of space and provides quality content. Navigation through the website is very easy and contents are not placed one after the other, as is the case with various websites where the contents tend to crunch without any space and create confusion. Rather, the Web Design Directory is a simplified site with separate windows for each content so that the user can get exactly what he wants.

The best part about the website is that it features service based on countries. So if you are from, suppose Sligo or Derbyshire, all you need to do is visit the website, go to the bottom of the page and select your country. All the companies that are listed within these specific regions will be presented before you. Apart from these features, the website has all the information regarding various web design prices and quotes. If your preference for finding a web design service is not based on a specific area, rather based on price, you simple need to click on the web design price options where all the prices offered by various countries are provided at one go.

The design is very attractive and the tone of the content is quite casual. Graphics are not used thoroughly, though it looks like a positive point for this specific website. The pages are colorful and have a monotonous feature that looks good. There are separate windows featuring blog, contacts, information regarding the company, web design quotes, submission guidelines, web design jobs and facts and questions so that users get everything they require.

Overall, web-design-directory.org.uk is a good site. Some of the features though require up gradation, but all and all, the website is made keeping the users in mind.