is a web design directory with the goal of connecting "web design firms to people who need websites." Over 2700 firms from all over the world are listed at Firms in the directory are categorized first by continent, then by country, then by regional area, and then by city. There are three types of listings available at Premium listings, free listings with backlinks, and free listings with no backlinks. Premium listings are $9.99 per month and they appear above all free links. has a very clean and simple design. The background for the site is white, the majority of the text is black, and the fonts used are easy to read. At the top of the site, under the header, are navigational buttons for adding a link, modifying a link, looking at new links, getting help, and browsing premium links. On the home page there are clear instructions for how to add a site to the directory. There is a very visible link to the listings for web design firms in the middle of the home page.

I like the fact that categorizes firms by geographical location, and that firms from all over the world are listed here. At it is possible to locate web design companies on every continent in the world. I also like the way that the does not overwhelm its site visitors with information. The home page is simple, and the links to the various places on the site are easy to find.

I also like the fact that offers website design leads as a service to the firms listed there. There isn't much information about the leads, except that they cost $25 to receive, and that they are free for prospective customers to submit.

The owner of the site should provide more details about this service, but he does provide instructions on how to contact him for more information.

There are two things that I don't like about I personally tend to avoid sites and businesses with the word "Killer" in their names. I think that the word "Killer" is used too casually in our society. I don't know why anyone would want to be associated with a killer, and I don't think that branding yourself as a killer is good for business. I realize that in this context the word "Killer" is used as slang, and that it actually has a different meaning, but did the person who came up with the name for this site ever think about people who don't use or understand slang, and what their impressions might be?

I also don't understand the frog logo and what it has to do with killers or websites. I don't have a problem with frogs, and the frog is nicely illustrated. I just can't make the connection between the frog and the rest of the site. Maybe it's one of those poisonous frogs? But still...