The Designers and Business Directory is a specialty directory that lists websites for businesses and individuals that offer the professional services you need to build a successful website.

These include website designers, ecommerce designers, programmers, application creators, graphic designers, photographers, database designers, internet marketers, search engine optimizers, videographers, hosting companies, customer support centers, and other businesses associated with maintaining an online presence. Basically, this directory is a one-stop shop for finding all the consultants you would need to build a website from the ground up, from a simple informational website to a large scale, fully integrated, ecommerce site with a shopping cart.

The Designers & Business Directory also maintains on the same site a well-organized general directory for businesses selling products and services online. This includes a wide variety of businesses such as landscapers, accommodations, guides, and companies that sell a variety of gifts.

However, The Designers & Business Directory does not seem to be trying to be a comprehensive directory covering all possible categories so there is very little chance that someone would find a site listed in this directory by actually going to the directory to search for a topic. It would be more likely a user would find a site listed in this general business directory by the link showing up in the search results for someone searching Google, Bing, or another major search engine. For this purpose, the Designers & Business Directory does seem to be well optimized for the major search engines.

While the website services side of the Designers & Business Directory has a respectable number of listings, the general business directory side is rather sparse on links. In fact, for some categories, you could call it a "ghost town." One of the reasons for this may be that the cost for a listing is rather high given the fact that this is not a well known site, at least not yet.

The Designers & Business Directory has an overall professional look and feel. This is perfect for listing a website design business since this is the type of business that would not want to be associated with a poorly designed site. So, in this regard, it is a good fit. However, the price for a listing in this part of the directory at this time is $139.99. This is on the high end of what similar listings cost around the net.

As far as a recommendation for this site, I would suggest that you put this one on your secondary list of possibilities if you have a web design business or offer a service such as programming or eCommerce set-up that is needed for setting up a website. If you have a bigger budget, it might be worth giving this site a try and tracking it closely to determine if it's worth continuing with it.

However, if you have a smaller budget, you may want to look for better known directories to list in first. If you have a business in any other category, I would not recommend this particular directory unless you have a very large budget and can afford to pay for listings on a large number of website directories.