DirLibrary is a relatively new paid web directory. But that doesn’t necessarily translate into it being an amateur one – far from it! When you first access the website, you get a straight-forward service, weather you’re a visitor or a potential client.

Users can browse through the 18 major categories portrayed on the first page. Each of these categories has up to two more subcategories related to it, setting the field for an immersive experience in which users can get straight to the point, without risking being put off by unnecessary and unrelated details.

What gives an extra user-oriented feel in this directory is that each category, level one and level two subcategory has a detailed description pertaining to it. The descriptions are unique and well-written by experienced writers, which add a note of credibility to the overall experience.

Coming back to the design of the website – it’s clearly put together with the audience in mind. Webmasters only have to access the desired category and level one or level two subcategory and they can easily add their websites. It’s a one-time payment for a permanent listing: $79.95 for an express listing and $39.95 for a standard one.

The difference between the express listing and the standard listing is that the first offers 5 optional deep links and a priority review, while the latter does not. In both cases, your listing will appear anywhere between 24 and 48 hours. Both payment options include links to social profiles, phone and address listings and even a Google Map and Street View box. All listings come with a screenshot of the website’s main page.

There’s also a blog attached to DirLibrary. On it, visitors can get valuable information on what’s going on in the web directory field and plenty of resources pertaining to the SEO niche. The articles are well-written and spot on in the message they wish to convey, making it a great experience for those interested in these fields.

Another new feature that this directory brings to the table is its affiliate program. Basically, webmasters can receive banners and advertisements for free which they will display on their websites. Visitors who click these banners will be redirected to DirLibrary and the webmasters will get a commission for each click. Furthermore, each sale delivered by the affiliates will generate them 20% of the price paid for the listing. This is a great marketing scheme which generates considerable outside traffic for the web directory and allowing other websites to generate some extra income through this free to join program.

At the bottom of the main page, webmasters and users can get a glimpse at the Editor’s Pick which will feature a website that truly stands out from the crowd. Of course, this changes in time, based on what new content is discovered by the editors. More comprehensive details on what DirLibrary offers can also be found further down. And, at the very bottom, there are a few featured directories offered as alternatives.