The Web Directory by Findelio is a web directory with the usual general categories and subcategories nested beneath these. Its database contains a good number of websites but they are definitely skewed toward business oriented websites that are willing to pay to be listed or work harder on online marketing and list in directories. For example, websites in the travel industry are well represented. However, the listings in other popular categories are more scant.

The overall layout of the Web Directory by Findelio is mediocre. The color scheme is fairly easy on the eyes but the layout looks a bit cluttered. The overall first impression is that the site does look quite professional. Directories don't necessarily have to look professional if they are going for the more casual look but this one just looks average from any perspective.

The navigation on this site could definitely be improved. I found myself struggling to find the link back to the homepage. It's there on all the pages but not always totally obvious. You have to get back to the homepage to find links to the main categories again or even the second level subcategories of the main category you are in once you get navigate deeper than the second level of the directory.

If you're into statistics, you may like to click on the info page link beside each listing. It gives you the unique visitors (although I do question the accuracy of this), the Google page rank score, the Seomoz Page Authority score, whether or not the site is listed in DMOZ, whether or not the site is listed in Yahoo, the domain age, other whois information, the Alexa rank, how many pages are listed in Bing, and other interesting statistics. Personally, I no longer think these stats are that useful in terms of the real value of a site or for online marketing purposes but sometimes it's just fun to compare sites!

Some users may find it difficult to figure out how to submit a website to this directory. When you click on the "how to submit a site" link from the homepage, you are taken to a long page of submission guidelines. However, there is no link anywhere on this page to a form to submit your site. More importantly, it is not made clear on this page that to submit a site you are supposed to navigate your way through the categories and subcategories to find the most appropriate category and THEN click on the submit link. This takes you to a form where you can add your title, description, keywords (only for paid listings), and other information. This is definitely something for the suggestion box to improve upon.

A featured listing in this directory costs a $40 one time fee for a permanent link. Paying this fee does not guarantee inclusion so be sure to read the submission guidelines carefully if you chose to submit your website. Blogs must be submitted through the blog category. A free listing in this directory may be worth the time it takes to submit it since they don't seem to require reciprocal links.