Bloggeries is one of the better known blog directories on the internet. Well, it's actually more than just a blog directory as it also has an active forum for bloggers to exchange tips and ideas. This seems to be a supportive community and discussions are archived so anyone can read the old posts.

In fact, if you are a "professional" blogger, you may want to spend some serious time going through some of the threads as you'll definitely pick up some worthwhile information that will help you increase readership, retain readers, and monetize your blog without scaring off too many people. Some of the better posts are also posted to the Bloggeries' blog. This is also a worthwhile read if you blog. If you want to post to the Bloggeries' forum, you will need to register. Even though this can be a hassle, it definitely cuts down on the spam!

The Bloggeries blog directory is very neatly organized and they do seem to have thousands of blogs listed in their database. The search feature works well giving you quick access to blogs pertaining to your interests. Each blog listing has a short description that makes it easier to quickly decide if you want to visit. I will say though that the "blog details" link with each listing seems a little lame as there is no additional useful information when you click on these links. Bloggeries does seem to be fairly well optimized for the search engines with good titles and text on every page.

In July 2006, Bloggeries sent out a press release saying they would be adding a review feature to their blog directory. In concept, it's a great idea. Users of Bloggeries can click on the prominent "rate me" button next to every blog listing and rate a blog on a scale of one to ten. However, looking through Bloggeries, I couldn't help but notice there really aren't enough ratings to make it a truly useful feature, especially considering this function has been available more than six years! This is probably related to the fact that few people actually find blogs by searching through blog directories!

Bloggeries is a paid blog directory with listings ranging from $49.99 to $99.99. However, if you search around the internet, you should be able to find offers for a free listing in Bloggeries such as the offer at <a href=":" target="_blank">this</a> Twitter account. You can also participate in a link exchange with one of their partners and receive a free listing: Note, the link I just provided is a "hidden" link that you won't easily find by navigating from their homepage.