Blogarama is a directory of blogs organized by just about every category available in the blogosphere. Blogs are organized on their homepage by both general categories and secondary subcategories. There is also a search feature where you can easily turn on and off the adult content filter. The site is easy on the eyes color and pattern wise and the layout makes it really simple to find what you are looking for. Judging from the many searches I did, they have a very large database of blogs, including blogs on esoteric subjects that might be hard to find otherwise.

You can list your blog for free on Blogarama but you do have to wait 30 days or more to have your blog looked over by a human reviewer. If you pay a fee, you can speed up the review time significantly and you can have your blog listed toward the top of your category. Another way to speed up the review process is to place a specially coded link to Blogorama on your blog. Once they receive 10 or more visits from your site, they will review your site immediately.

For clarity, a free listing does not require a reciprocal link but it can get you reviewed more quickly (this point wasn't immediately clear on their site). However, reciprocal links are just another form of a link exchange.and link exchanges do far less good at improving your blog's link popularity than do one way links. So, I would recommend being patient and waiting the 30 days and getting a one way link from Blogarama.

Beyond premium listings, blogs are listed in order of popularity on Blogarama. Popularity is determined by a simple voting process and anyone can vote once for a blog, either thumbs up or thumbs down. The one exception to this order seems to be when you use the search feature. Using the search feature, the blogs are ordered by relevance to your keywords. This is a wise move on Blogarama's part, in my opinion, as it makes their search feature more relevant to the user.

Although most people don't find blogs to peruse by going to blog directories, they do often find them by searching for their favorite subjects in Google, Bing, and other search engines. So, if a directory page of a blog directory appears in the search engines and a person finds this page, there is a chance they will find your blog.

Blogarama does a nice job in optimizing their pages for the search engines with clean titles that are pertinent to the subject such as "pet blogs" and "cooking & recipes blogs." This will help their directory pages in the search engine rankings. I also like the fact that Blogarama is not overrun by ads as so many other free blog directories are.