Amazines is an article directory like EzinesArticles, ArticlesBase, and GoTo Articles. However, Amazines has a much smaller database than the bigger article directories and is not as well known. They are set up like most other article directories in that anyone can submit articles for consideration on almost any subject.

The submission process at Amazines is more simple than with many other article directories. Once submitted, a human editor looks them over, and if accepted, they are added to the database. Once articles are in the database, they are available to bloggers, website owners, newsletter editors, and others who need content. They are allowed to use the articles for free stipulating they leave the links the writers have placed in the article and make sure they are hyperlinked properly. The problem with this rule, however, is that many people ignore the rule and do not leave in the links.

Even though human editors review the articles, Amazines has gotten a reputation for accepting articles that are not original. Some articles submitted are articles spun from other articles. Other articles are simply stolen from other sources and modified only slightly. Reading through many of the articles in the Amazines database, there does seem to be am exceptionally high number of low quality articles for a human edited article database.

Some writers who have articles rejected at EzineArticles submit them to Amazines and they are usually accepted. This certainly suggests that the standard for accepting articles at Amazines is lower than at EzineArticles. For these reasons, it is very unlikely that Amazines would be a top choice for a webmaster, a blogger, or a newsletter editor looking for content.

Amazines does not allow writers to place links inside the body portion of the articles they submit but they do allow writers to place a link in the bio section. The good news is that, unlike article directories like ArticlesBase, links are follow links so they do help in building link popularity. Some webmasters will only submit to article databases that have follow links because even if they don't get any traffic from the articles and even if the articles don't get syndicated, the follow links will at least help in the search engine rankings. Unfortunately, however, this does not work anywhere near as well as it used to work.

Like all the article directories, Google's major algorithm update called Panda in 2011 significantly decreased the performance of Amazines articles in the search engine rankings. In fact, the effect was so severe, there is only a tiny amount of traffic generated from links in Amazines articles. It is also true that you'd most likely get slightly more traffic from having the article in a bigger article directory like EzineArticles.

Some website owners use the strategy of submitting their articles with links to their website to dozens of article directories mostly in an effort to get more traffic and more link popularity. This strategy used to work fairly well but since the Panda update this strategy doesn't work well at all. In fact, Google has plainly stated that they may in the future penalize sites that have too many links across multiple article directories. For this reason, it is probably a good idea for site owners to limit the number of articles with links to their sites that are submitted to article directories.