Buzzle seemed to be trying to be an articles directory when it was first launched but its popularity with most internet marketers suffered right from the beginning because of their overly strict odd rules. Buzzle demanded that all of the articles submitted to them be 100 percent exclusive content. In other words, a writer was not allowed to write an original article, place it on his or her own site, and then submit it to Buzzle.

They were not allowed to place their article anywhere on the web in fact, not even another article directory, before they submitted it to Buzzle. Furthermore, once writers submitted an article to Buzzle, they were not allowed to use that article, or any variation of that article, anywhere else. This was quite a sticking point and many serious internet marketers avoided Buzzle right from their inception.

Despite the exclusivity issue described above, Buzzle did become one of the more well-known article directories during the heyday of article marketing. Like other article directories, writers submitted articles for review into various categories. They were allowed a single link at the bottom of the article to their website. This was actually another sticking point with internet marketers because most other directories, including the big ones, allowed at least two links.

Given the issues writers and internet marketers had with Buzzle, they still developed a fairly large depository of articles, although they never became anywhere near as big as EzineArticles or even ArticlesBase. Their size may also have been partly limited due to their reputation for treating their writers quite rudely.

Some rather well known internet marketers pulled their articles from Buzzle after reporting bad treatment from Buzzle. No one likes to be treated with disrespect and it is certainly bad for business.

The Panda algorithm change at Google severely demoted all the pages from article directories in the search engine rankings. Many people thought that because of Buzzle's exclusivity they might be spared from this but they fell in the rankings like all the other article directories. Soon after Panda hit, Buzzle decided to totally change their business model. With no advance warning to their writers, they decided they would no longer accept any links in the articles submitted.

Moreover, they started deleting massive numbers of articles from their database with no forewarning to the writers. Writers would log on and surprisingly discover that all or a big chunk of their articles were gone plus their links weren't working! Obviously, this did not sit well with writers and many started pulling their articles out Buzzle. The general consensus was that why should anyone being giving Buzzle free content to run their ads on when they gave nothing back in return.

I have scanned through Buzzle here in late 2012 and I can find no compelling reason whatsoever for anyone to want to submit an article to them. Every article does have a tiny hardly noticeable link at the bottom that links to an author's page. However, none of the dozens of author pages I visited had any contact information displayed... no email, no Twitter, no Facebook, and no internal method of getting in touch with the writer.