ArticlesBase is an articles directory similar to its larger competitor, EzineArticles. Established in 2005, ArticlesBase quickly became widely known in internet marketing circles as the second most important articles directory. Like EzineArticles, the articles in the ArticlesBase database are organized by broad categories and then nested subcategories within these while each article is assigned to only one subcategory.

One big advantage ArticlesBase gave writers over EzineArticles was the ability to put links directly inside the body of the article, not just in the footer bio portion. ArticlesBase never allowed affiliate links but the links inside the body could be promotional links in the sense they could be links to pages on the writer's own domain(s). For clarification, they could not be overly promotional but they could be keyword rich links inside the body of the article linking to the writer's domain(s).

This is one of the primary reasons ArticlesBase was so quickly adopted by internet marketers and others who were frustrated with EzineArticles for not allowing self-serving links inside the body of the articles submitted. Currently, ArticlesBase allows up to 3 links in the body of an article and 3 links in the footer, supposedly a bio but many writers use this footer space to place a teaser to entice readers to visit their site.

Articles may be submitted to ArticlesBase by anyone who registers with the site. You do not have to be a professional writer. However, before submitted articles are placed in the public database, they are reviewed by a human editor to ensure a certain level of quality. Facts are never checked though and many articles do contain factual errors so publishers should use caution.

Once they go public, they are available for free syndication on websites, blog postings, newsletters, and even offline publications. The only stipulation for using these ArticlesBase article is to retain the links the writers place in the articles and to make sure these links work.

For writers, the major problem with submitting articles for syndication to ArticlesBase, as well as to other article directories, is their articles essentially get stolen. Even though the rules clearly state that the links must be left in the article and they must be active links if placed online, the majority of online "publishers" simply strip these links out or fail to make them active. This essentially robs the writer of their "payment" for the articles they write and submit.

For publishers, the major problem with using articles from ArticlesBase, as well as from other article directories, is that the articles are used so widely they are seen on lots of other sites and newsletters almost as soon as they are published. Often too, they have already been published by the writer before they're ever submitted to the article directories. Since readers and search engines are most interested in original content, using this duplicate content may actually backfire. What many smart publishers do is use the duplicate content as only a small percentage of the total content on their website or newsletter and make sure that most of their content is original and unique.

At its peak, ArticlesBase was so successful that its main page achieved a pagerank of 6, tied with that of EzineArticles. ArticlesBase articles were consistently achieving high rankings in Google, often top 10 or top 20 listings in fact. At one point, there was a significant buzz on internet marketing forums and online business forums that ArticlesBase articles were outranking EzineArticle articles in the Google serps! I myself experienced this as well. This made ArticlesBase even more popular and many article marketers started submitting copies of all their articles to ArticlesBase.