Fireberry is working with clients to fuse art with science and to use this fusion to create logos that elevate a business's identity in the consumer subconscious. Any talented designer can create an attractive logo that conforms to the basics in spacing, typography, and shape. It takes a very special designer, however, to tap into the human subconscious, navigate the maze of human psychology, and create a logo that uses science to instantaneously resonate with a target audience.

“Science” is one of those words that gets thrown around in debates when an individual wants to make his or her argument appear irrefutable and unshakable. It’s interesting, though, that science is actually a field of study that is constantly changing, adapting, and evolving as new information becomes available. It’s not enough to simply say that good logo design depends entirely on the psychology of the subconscious. There must be proof. There must be research. There must be evidence.

Fireberry is well-known for its active research processes in the field of logo design. Because the psychology of the human race is constantly changing, it’s crucial to continue performing market research, learning about what makes the brain tick, what generates a positive response amongst consumers, and which design elements lead to brand loyalty.

A logo designed with the backing of psychological research accomplishes three basic things:

1. It captures the attention of the consumer in a crowded market.
2. It communicates the intangibles of a business to the target audience.
3. It turns browsers into buyers by engineering brand loyalty.

Grabbing Consumer Attention


The first, and arguably the most important, goal of a logo is to capture the attention of a passing customer. That customer might be driving by a billboard, passing a storefront, or simply stumbling across a business website. Let’s face it: the current business marketplace is absolutely choked with thousands upon thousands of similar businesses. A customer who wants a new pair of running shoes will generate millions of hits from a simple Google search. A consumer interested in the services of a plumber will find hundreds of local businesses within a fifty-mile radius.

How can businesses compete when the market is getting more and more crowded? Good logo design helps to elevate a business, establish an authoritative brand, and encourage customers to take a closer look. A business may only have one or two seconds of a customer’s attention. Studies have shown that consumers make split-second decisions about a business based solely on the appearance of its logo.

A simple mistake in the kerning or leading of a logo’s typography, an incongruence in fonts, colors, or lines, a flaw in the shape or size of a logo, or any other subconscious detail can convince a consumer that his money or time is better invested elsewhere. Business owners who want to avoid these costly errors must choose a design company trained to recognize and avoid these problems.

Communicating the Abstract to a Potential Customer


A powerful company like Facebook has several tangible services that it offers to consumers. The ability to create a personal wall, share photographs, and engage with friends and family members are all tangible and beneficial solutions offered by Facebook. But what convinces a customer to engage with the Facebook brand in the first place? What intangible element brought the customer on board, and how did Facebook communicate this intangible part of its identity? The answer is Facebook’s logo.

The whimsical, offset lowercase “F” reveals a youthful, current, and slightly edgy brand identity to the consumer. The soft, deep blue color that is trademarked by Facebook communicates security, happiness, and a sense of togetherness. Those colors, shapes, and fonts weren’t selected by accident. They were selected precisely because they communicate these intangible ideals.

Strong lines, sharp edges, and bold colors communicate abstracts like masculinity, strength, authority, and longevity. Softer lines, round shapes, pastel colors, and curving fonts can communicate ideals like approachability, understanding, femininity, and tranquility.

Fireberry’s design services are invaluable to business owners because they incorporate this intangible communication of abstract ideals into the process. Fireberry works to understand the personality of a business and the personalities of its target audience. The only thing required by the client is to contact Fireberry to get started. With in-depth live chat services, where a Fireberry representative gathers information and discusses the ins and outs of the design process, the burden of research is taken off the client’s shoulders. Using psychological research, Fireberry’s team of designers creates a logo that bridges the communication gap between business and consumer. Again, it’s a science/art fusion that creates something lasting and meaningful.

Something to Remember You By


Not every consumer is going to make a purchase, invest in a service, or connect permanently with a business after a single look at a well-designed web page. Realistically, there is no magic formula for logo design that will convince browsers to become buyers overnight. No logo can guarantee love at first sight.

That’s why the third element of logo design is so significant. Fireberry’s team of designers understand that humans have a basic psychological response to logo design. This psychological response will lead them to either remember or immediately forget a brand’s logo. The brain can only hold so much information. At a subconscious level, the human mind decides what information is worth keeping and what can be instantly discarded.

Well-designed logos use memorable imagery to screw a brand’s identity to the sticking place and encourage potential customers to come back for a second look. Fireberry is simply brilliant at this. When customers are able to remember even just a part of a brand’s logo, like the color scheme, the clever font, or the unforgettable mark, they are more likely to return when they’re in need of a product or service. Fireberry is so confident in its science-backed design, in fact, that it offers a 100% money back guarantee. If, after a year, a client doesn’t see an increase in business, the money is given back. It’s a powerful testament to the confidence Fireberry has in its research.

Harnessing the Power of Science


The future of logo design is in the fusion of art and science. Good looks aren’t enough to get by in a crowded business marketplace. Without an asset like Fireberry relying on the latest groundbreaking research in consumer psychology, a run-of-the-mill logo will become the forgotten memory of another average business.