Astaro is a computer protection company that offers fully integrated security features for general computer protection, network security, web security and mail protection. It provides intrusion protection, denial of service protection, configuration firewall, NAT tools and traffic forwarding protection. The company offers virtual protection and security gateways for hardware, software and virtual appliances.

About the company

Astaro was founded in the early 90s as a developer of a line of encryption and antivirus products. Later on, it grew to include anti-spam services for internet security and privacy protection. It has worldwide customers and offers its services in ten languages.  The company implements its services through a variety of products including a security gateway, web application security, remote Ethernet device, mail archiving services, web reporting, wireless security and endpoint protection. They also bundle operating systems with software images for easy usability.

Astaro network protection includes both user privacy protection and virus attacks. It uses deep inspection firewall techniques to control user access and filter attacks. It also uses secure remote access protocols such as SSL, PPTP and IPsec to connect offices. For mail security, they offer products for spam protection, anti-virus scanning, user protocol management and email encryption. Their web application protection packages offer services such as reverse proxy security, URL hardening, antivirus inspection, cookie protection and web application firewall.